✿ The Things I Love ✿

Name: You don't need to know

Status: Taken 웃❤유

Age: 20+

Location: Cali

Ethnicity:Thai(NO I DONT HAVE A PENIS!!)-Lol

League of Legends: Rakshai

First off! Loves EXOTIC Cars ♥ Especially My SUBARU 2013 BRZ ♥ -screams-
( to view my car go on search bar)
But anyways I still like cute stuff,Yes Im into that KAWAII Stuff =_=LOL. And I Gamer girl yes sadly Final Fantasy - A Realm Reborn, League of Legends,Skyrim. I mostly play pc games (done with xbox). But yeah thats me :D

League of Legends: Rakshai

Have fun with my Page

  • Relocation license plate on Ruru!

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